2019-10-22 | Jyrki Nummenmaa:Applying grammatical parsing in text analysis and question-answering from RDF data



Mainstream text analysis often uses neural networks, which has been shown to give good results in challenging natural language processing problems. However, in certain situations we either want to analyze the specific use of the language or grammatical properties, or in question-answering and dialogue systems we want to be sure that we answering the question correctly, and cannot afford mistakes. In such situations, using grammatical parsing can be as a basis for the solutions. We introduce shortly the applications on grammatical parsing on (1) text analysis, and (2) question-answering from RDF data. In our work for question-answering we have used the Wikipedia data.


15:00-16:00,22 October, 2019 (Tuesday) 


Dr. Jyrki Nummenmaa is a full professor at the School of Information Sciences of University of Tampere, Finland and the head of Research Center for Information and Systems (CIS) at the University of Tampere. the Director of the Doctoral Programme in Information and Systems at the University of Tampere.

Prof. Nummenmaa has done research on algorithms, databases, software development, business intelligence, data mining, open data, and Big Data, and, most recently, in text analysis. He has extensive administrational experience and practical experience from the past working 3,5 years in software companies in Tampere area. He has visited the University of Edinburgh for one year while doing his PhD research and lately several times universities in China, in 2004 University of Chile for 2 months, and in 2017 IT Faculty of Chalmers and University of Gothenburg for 2 months. He has over 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications in scientific journals and conferences.